About me

Hi there!

I am Shei Aldariz, the creative and maker behind Otto&Anna.

Otto&Anna started one rainy Saturday back in October 2016. The amazing scandinavian landscapes, the quiet evenings in winter and the astonishing sunsets in summer inspired me to create my first doll.

Since her, a lot of more dolls came. And travels, and markets, and lovely people that appreciated my work.

Every doll is completely designed and handmade by me. The process of creating each dolls is special, and makes every one of them different and unique from the others.

Every stitch and every knot are made with tons of patience (and very good music in the background).

Now I live in Basque Country, in the north of Spain. But that inspiring Scandinavian touch will accompany my dolls in their own growing.

I am glad you are here. Welcome!